Jay Ma is a student from Beijing 101 High School.
However, he is more than a student, he is also a coder, and a musician.

In School Studies

Jay Ma is planning to get 100+ in TOEFL and 32+ in ACT... And Jay Ma is a big fan of science.

Developer / Computer Scientist

Jay Ma's dream is to be a fantastic coder... He did a lot of projects in CS field and master bunch of skills. For example, C#, Unity3D, js, swift...

Music Maker

As the founder of the "Breakings" - The band of International Department. Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Midi Controller and so on...

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Beijing 101 International Department

A hard-working Student

The best thing for me is to study new knowledges

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University Application Information

Common App ID: 14445539

UC Application ID: 3035703

This is Jay Ma

There's no fate but what we make.

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Though I'm not such a acer in getting high scores. I did make some efforts


I made a lot of contribution to our school one way or another.


I am not only a student. I am something more. It's my honor to experience those fantastic activities.


Good skills mean perfect products

Coding Languages

Knowing different coding languages is the foundation to be a nice developer.

Other crucial skills

As a developer, there so many things besides coding: Cooperation, Image & Video Processing, etc...

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A busy developer



ASDAN China ISWEEEP #1 of most pop project



UC Berkeley computer science courses. CS61A and NM90(natural language processing) Got Straight A

VR Game

We used Leap Motion(a hardware gesture detector) and Unity3D(a game engine) to build a full functional shooting game from scratch. You can control the game character by simply waving your both hands. This game was made by 6 high school students entirely.

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A better way to manage your school life

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Diaobaole Technology

A startup tech blog with over 8000 page views per month

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Geeks Life Style

My Events

June 20th 2014
TEDx@Beijing101 2014

Band Leader

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May 22nd 2015
TEDx@Beijing101 2015

Core Member
Main Technician

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September 21st 2015
Hour of Code @ Beijing101

Main Technician

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Something more

More Interesting Projects/Events

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101 VPN

Web / Tools
The VPN system only for 101 International Department
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Find Selina

Web / Video
The web app for april fool's day of Beijing 101 I.D.
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iBeacon Review App

iOS Development / iBeacon Studies
The App I built during the internship in trysenz.com
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Startup / Team / Web
A project for those young people to help them really make something the coolest in the world.
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UC Berkeley CS collection

Web / Courses / Projects
A collection of all works I've done in UC Berkeley CS courses.
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Tsinghua University Robotics

Robotics / Android / Engineering
A Robotic project leaded by Tsinghua University in China.
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Now you may think I'm a freaking nerd... You are wrong

I Love Music!


I enjoy playing instruments.

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Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar is one of the first instrument I've learnt when I was a child. I love the clear, sound and cristal tone of it.

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Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar is a magic instrument that brings me into the digital methods of making music. Actually it's more like the mentor for my digital music techniques. I love the power and the strength within the e-guitar.

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Midi Music& DJing

Those modern music editing/performance techniques give me more opportunity of making EDM and other types of music through the technologies like drum machine, FX, and so on.

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Some modern music tech

My Music Skills

Logic Pro & MainStage

I am very familiar with the Logic Pro. I've even built a completed system for music producing based on Logic Pro and live show based on Mainstage.

Ableton Live 9

Also, for the mashup and remix. I'm pretty familiar with Ableton Live 9 compinion with Launchpad Pro (A midi controller). This tool plays a main rule in my live EDM performing.

FX Tuning

FX Tuning is also a very crucial technique for me to make better sounds instead of making noises. I'm master in producing tone for my electric guitar, tuning audios by using EQ balancer, pitch perfecter and other effect techs.

Live Performance Engineering
Live performance engineering is one of my crucial skills that helps me to give a better performance. I am familiar with how to set up a audio system as a unity for all of the audio devices in the show.

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Foundamental Music Skills

I've spent over 3 years learning the foundamental music skills. For example, basic music composing and instruments including how to play the guitar.

Get Started

I started not very well known band when I was in the middle school to apply what I've learnt into the reality.

Let's Rock

I founded 'The Breaking', the band of Beijing 101 I.D.. During that time, I've learnt some very enhanced skills and utilize them in my music. I deeply learnt something related to electronic music.


I wanna continue what I am doing. This is not only a hobby, it's almost a part of me. I'll do something great in the future with my music skills and gather more people to enjoy the beauty of the music.

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Get In Touch

Contact Jay Ma right now!

(+86) 18610023952
Beijing 101 High School,
Haidian District,
Beijing, China
Click the Wechat icon above to scan my ID
Feel free to ask any question